Autor: Andawrite News10/09/2022

AndaRISK: The Nat/Cat Plug-In App

Project Description: Development of a Nat/Cat plug-in application for all Projects- and Operational line of business Andawrite MGA and its AndaClub Members are writing, including the ability for advanced catastrophic modelling of individual risks and generate superior portfolio analytics on an aggregated level according to each capacity partners’ requirement.

Andawrite Project Name: AndaRISK

Responsible Underwriter:               to be appointed
Existing Portfolio:                             to be confirmed
Lead Insurer:                                     seeking
Current Line-size:                             n/a
Target Line-size:                               to be confirmed

AndaLAB Project leader:                to be confirmed

Access via AndaPORT:                   For AndaCLUB Members only

Project launching date:                   to be confirmed
Current project stage:                     under review
Expected completion date:            to be confirmed

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