Autor: Andawrite News11/09/2022

Andaxxx: Surety Spain

Project Description: Creating a fully-automated app to cope with the insurance scope, to guarantee the breach of the legal or contractual obligations of the policyholder with the insured in the procedures for the transfer of premiums to the insurance companies, transfer of indemnity amounts or reimbursement of the premium according to the regulations in force.

Andawrite Project Name: Andaxxx

Responsible Underwriter:               to be appointed
Existing Portfolio:                             fraud history, scoring, BORME, ASNEF and judicial incidents
3-years Business Plan:                    ready to be submitted
Lead Insurer:                                     seeking
Current Line-size:                             n/a
Target Line-size:                               to be confirmed

AndaLAB Project leader:                Segurcel, Barcelona

Access via AndaPORT:                   No

Project launching date:                   to be confirmed
Current project stage:                     under review
Expected completion date:            to be confirmed

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