The Construction industry focuses on tasks executed by contractors, subcontractors and workers that come together to provide the final product to a client. That product can include the construction of a new building structure, repairing the current structure, or creating a new roadway or walkway for pedestrian or vehicle travel. With so many pieces in play at any given time during a project, there is the potential for something to go wrong and that’s where construction industry insurance comes into play.

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Our Underwriting Strategy

We focus on single project risks and turnover policies of pre-selected companies with superior technical and financial ability, while the risk selection process demands pre-agreed risk gradings.

  • Construction and Erection All Risk
  • 1st year of Operation
  • Project Cargo
  • General Liability
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Comfortable with risk complexity
  • Sizable capacity to influence placements
  • Comprehensive Project Insurance
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Your Reinsurer

We work strategically with selected European Reinsurance Companies on a open-market basis.

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