High-Value Properties

How do you properly protect your high-valued home or real estate investment when damage occurs? Andawrite provides peace of mind and suits your lifestyle, in form of quality coverage at replacement value and independent claims services to protect your greatest asset.

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Underwriting Strategy

We focus on highly protected and large properties with a total sum insured up to €150m. We use our in-house Risk Assessment Tool (RAT), a modular pricing tool with an integrated risk analysis form to create competitive solutions for our customers.

  • Material Damage
  • Business Interruption
  • Loss of Rental
  • Temporary housing
  • General Liability
  • Personal Accident
  • Legal Defence
  • Specialized in risk complexity
  • Sizable capacity to influence placements
  • Tailored policy protecting your investment


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Increase your Andawrite Experience

Andawrite multi-peril All Risk Policy
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Independent Claims Services
Project Evaluation Services
Site Evaluation Services
Cyber Risk Assessment

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Your Reinsurer

We work strategically with selected European Reinsurance Companies on a open-market basis.


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Your Business Contact

Andawrite Swiss Ltd
Fulvio Cimino
Email:   fcimino@andawrite.com
Mobile: +41 76 408-3044