We help companies to manage exceptional individual or portfolio risks, and growing emerging insurers’ business by providing them with underwriting knowledge and coordinating the risk transfer to the reinsurance market.

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We offer expertise-based service provided by the Andawrite network, from where each customer can benefit. With a team of over ten persons, we create effective solutions for superior risk complexity with the ability to position the risk in front of the European marketplace and overseas.

Each Risk Point is a producer and placer of submission enabling forming a highly effective placement network.

Your RiskPoints for Facultative Services
  • Switzerland
  • France
  • Austria
  • Central America
  • Miami (Latam)
  • Open for RiskPoints in
  • Latin America – Asia
Your RiskPoints for Facultative Services

– Andawrite Swiss Ltd,z
– LSN Re, Paris
– QuaroniKarner, Vienna
– Specialty Re, Panama City
– SBU, Miami

Facultative Services
  • Property
  • Renewable Energy
  • Construction
  • Financial Lines
  • Casualty Energy
  • Surety for Latam
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Treaty Reinsurance Services
  • Engineering Liens
  • Property
  • Treaty for Mutual Companies in Latam
  • Motor (for high-value fleet)
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Customer Experience
  • Portfolio Analytics
  • Simulated Text
  • Simulated Text
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Andawrite Service Entity

Andawrite Swiss Ltd, Switzerland