Waste & Recycling

(under development – planned for 2022)

Waste and Recycling management is essential to society. Our objective when working with your business is to understand your specific needs and appetite for risk. With our environmental risk managers, we assess your risk in advance and help you to design tailored insurance solutions and give you peace of mind.

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Our Underwriting Strategy

We focus on waste management companies, skip hirers, transfer stations, landfill sites, incinerator operations, material recycling facilities. We use our in-house Risk Assessment Tool (RAT), a modular pricing tool, which includes an integrated risk analysis application to monitor risk performance.


Material Damage
Business Interruption
Machinery Breakdown


Liaising with specialized Underwriters

Sufficient capacity to lead underwriting

Policy tailored to specific needs

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Improving your Andawrite Experience

All Risk Policy
Independent Claims Services
Environmental Risk Evaluation Services

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Your Insurers

Selection process

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Your Business Contact

Fulvio Cimino
Email: fcimino@andawrite.com
Mobile: +41 76 4083044