Autor: Andawrite News21/10/2021

Andawrite has successfully completed Commercial Property Digital Project “AndaFACIL”

The digital insurance platform for superior risk complexity is now ready. Our underwriting agency Andawrite Iberia SL, Spain is specialized in Commercial Property is looking forward to generating alternative quotes or completing coinsurance strategies.

We thank all participants for their valuable contribution and extraordinary team-work. SPECIAL THANKS to the Property and DUA Team of Allied World Assurance (Europe) DAC.



Creating a seamless insurance policy application for engineered-based underwriting, which integrates the risk data capturing, exposure analysis, pricing, underwriting decision-making process and policy documentation/receivable modules, tailored to the Spanish market, extendable to other territories and to “Specialty Property” (renewables, recycling, infrastructure, new technologies, etc.) as well.


Underwriting services delivered with an engineered-lead approach, focusing on domestic commercial risks with advanced fire protection.

Portfolio: New
Lead Insurer: Allied World Assurance (Europe) DAC (up to €200m TSI and excluding “Specialty Property”)
Current Line-size: 7.5m per subject amount (target is €20-30m)


Insur-Online AG, Switzerland/Spain


Project launching date: 01.05.2021
Current project stage: Completed
Expected completion date: Completed

Underwriting Services provided by Andawrite Iberia Ltd, Spain


The following service partners have contributed to this success: 

Glarus Ibérica Loss and Run Off Management, Madrid
Criteria, Insurance Claims & Loss Adjusters, SL, Madrid SL
Insur-Online AG, Zurich
Temis Law, Zurich
AIMAR Asesores, Barcelona
Barcelona101, Barcelona

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