Bespoken Coverholder Solutions

Acting as a versatile underwriting agency, we are helping specialized producers and coverholders to empower their customer experience by putting our risk knowledge and experience “at your Service”.

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Your Benefits

We provide the access to underwriting services created by industry specialists which are assembled into a turn-key solution attached to your InsurTech platform, offering your clients a digital distribution platform with a shared underwriting risk.

A hybrid plug-in MGA

We bridge the gap between digital distribution and capacity and offer our Underwriting services also to digital Broking platforms, Insurance Captives and InsurTech Companies.

Interfacing InsurTech and Capacity

We offer our underwriting solutions as an up-selling preposition for your digital applications. It is NOT about underwriting sub-delegation, it is about sharing the underwriting risk of InsurTech client’s.

Independent Claims Handling

We are working with local and independent claims handling which shall increase the customer experience and reduce the risk of service disruption when it comes to a loss event.

Independent Risk Prevention

We cooperate with risk specialists to assure the risk data granularity and underwriting assumption in our risk analysis process

Contract Certainty

We work closely with the Claims TPA and (Re)Insurer(s) to review continuously the accuracy of our wordings to assure contract certainty and service consistency.

Placement Service

Our underwriting services are based on bespoken capacity mandates. If such a mandate is not available, we source the capacity in the open market, where we work strategically with pre-selected capacity partners and associates.

Financial Planning for R/I Brokers

We offer our financial planning service where we take a minorty equity position followed by a planned take-over by our strategic European Investor.

A 360-degree Andawrite Experience

We deliver bespoken underwriting services, treating business with a Risk lens while empower the customer experience with the digital lens for up-selling your USP.