Swiss Business Center

We help to grow our capacity and MGA partners’ business in target European territories. With an extensive network of associates, we deliver underwriting services thanks to our distinctive risk specialists with sufficient experience to influence underwriting decisions upfront.

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Your Benefits

We execute mandate-based underwriting with maximum income schemes and a strong focus on underwriting profitability. We avoid wholesaling the authority which is granted to us, resulting in an effective service delegation and mandate execution

Coordinated Market Strategy

We act alongside our capacity and MGA partners as an extension of their underwriting team, offering an aligned business approach, avoiding so overlapped distribution strategies.

Guidelines Certainty

Underwriting discipline is a key feature at Andawrite. Our risk assessment tools are configurated to assure guidelines certainty reducing the delegated risk for our capacity partner.

Independent Claims Handling

We offer local and independent claims handling for our customers as the insurers often are located abroad.

Liability Products with Run-Off Option

We execute Liability business strategies, where DARAG may monitor the portfolio development during the live cycle, to assure an alternative run-off solution if requested.

Instant Portflio Access

A trustful relationship needs time to develop. We offer instant portfolio access with dashboard functions for new capacity partners and those offering prior-submit arrangements.

Portfolio Renewal Rights

We accept renewal rights for portfolios in which we have proven expertise, where we also accept the administration of that portfolio the insurer will exit, but do not wish to transfer (e.g. MGA portfolio).

International Services

Acting as a single point of access, we coordinate local insurance services. Thanks our insurance network, we offer services in the field of Request for Quotations (RFQ) , Claims monitoring and coordination of Risk Engineering services.

Risk Management

We are offering a framework that a capacity partner expects to see from an MGA. We operate with three defence lines: Underwriting-level (technical); Management-level (strategic), and Supervisory Director-level (advisory).