Syndicated Risk Analytics

COVID-19 has impacted the balance sheet of many insurers and has changed the profitability of individual lines of business, forcing the industry to review the functionality of past and existing contracts. The Brexit and Solvency II requirements are additional key drivers, which makes a tailored Exit Strategy becoming a highly effective financial solution for you as Portfolio Manager.

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Your Benefits

We offer the opportunity to look at legacy management as a strategic pillar rather than a consequence of negative underwriting performance. We offer financial solutions, which will allow you to release capital and achieve an early risk finality.

Portfolio Transfer

Our capacity partner DARAG takes all policies as well as outstanding and future claims. DARAG receives all technical provisions, including IBNR reserves, and any assets set aside to cover those liabilities and takes over all the expense of administering the business to facilitate the administration of the business

No Minimum Premium

Without a minimum premium thresholds, we are aligning to the market reality in Iberia and Latin America: a typical portfolio review and transfer can take 1-2 months until a transaction is signed.

Liability Products with Run-Off Option

We execute Liability business strategies, where DARAG may monitor the portfolio development during the live cycle, to assure a run-off solution as soon (re)insurer triggers that option.

Nearshoring Services in Spain

We offer access to a run-off service platform in Spain: expertise-based factory without the language and cultural barrier.

Administration without Transfer

We accept renewal rights for portfolios in which we have proven experience, where we also include the administration of that portfolio the insurer will exit but do not wish to transfer (e.g. MGA portfolio).

Residual Live Portfolio Transfer

We accept residual live portfolios as part of the DARAG legacy portfolio transfer agreement.