Para funcionarios financieros y gerentes de cartera

We help producer and risk managers to access bespoken solutions tailored to specific needs by bridging the gap between producer and financial security/capacity.

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Your Benefits

We offer the opportunity to look at legacy management as a strategic pillar rather than a consequence of negative underwriting performance. We offer financial solutions, which will allow you to release capital and achieve an early risk finality by transferring portfolios or renewal rights.

Portfolio Transfer

Our capacity partner DARAG takes all policies as well as outstanding and future claims. DARAG receives all technical provisions, including IBNR reserves and any assets set aside to cover those liabilityies and takes over all the expense of administering the business facilitate the administrating the business A typical portfolio transfer can take 1-2 months until a transaction is signed.

Renewal Rights Transfer

We act as a plug-in MGA for specific portfolios where we have proven expertise, accepting renewal rights in a pre-agreed transfer manner.

Temporary Portfolio Transfer

As nimble entrepreneur and flexible coverholder, we accept temporary assignment about portfolio administration due to unexpected events (e.g. M&A) or due a strategic decision to exit a particular niche temporary.

Smart Factory in Spain

We offer access to a run-off processing factory in Spain which offers the expertise and reputation in managing the transferred portfolio. We consider that run-off goes beyond the portfolio transfer, it is capabability to process diligently the accepted legacy.

Own Network (RiskPoints)

We build a tradition in the local market with the help of regional RiskPoints. Together, we operate as virtual coworking, sharing valuable services and empower planned distribution strategies.