The Insurance Marketplace that activates the experience across distribution channels.

Andawrite is a Risk Placement Hub of the next generation, where selected Underwriters and Distributors can connect and access bespoken Products and Risk Services.

Innovative, Specialized, Authentic
Blending shared Alliance Quality

We develop Coverholder strategies we then syndicate for each local market. We also participate and offer capacity to selected Associates.

Scaling up with a Swiss Rep Desk

We offer a shopwindow to the Swiss Global Reinsurance Hub, where our complimentary wholesale broking services will empower your business and international branding.

Cultivating a Risk Intelligence Culture

We syndicate risk services. With a 360-degree perspective around risk management, we act as an enabler, creating access to multiple perspectives of Risk Management.

Building a Global Placement Association

Welcome to Andawrite

The network for boutique Intermediaries with Coverholder experience and specialized MGAs.

The Co-working for Risk Specialists, an underwriting Space and a versatile Aggregator.

A Pioneer Network inspired to get ready for the Next Generation in the Insurance Eco System.

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11 Sep

Andaxxx: Surety Spain

Project Description: Creating a fully-automated app to cope with the insurance scope, to...

10 Sep

AndaRISK: The Nat/Cat Plug-In App

Project Description: Development of a Nat/Cat plug-in application for all Projects- and Operational...

10 Sep

AndaPRO: The Financial Lines App

A smart Financial Lines web application focusing on the SME underwriting applicable to each EEA...

9 Sep

Cross-border estates: UK – Spain (10 FAQ – I)

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9 Sep

España: La Inspección de Trabajo ha hecho públicos sus objetivos estratégicos

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30 Aug

AndaCLUB Kick-Off Meeting

Planned for September...

15 Nov

PROPERTY – Why updating your Risk Report?

In this changing world, the client’s risks and Underwriter’s guidelines are also changing...

Commercial Property
21 Oct

Andawrite has successfully completed Commercial Property Digital Project “AndaFACIL”

The digital insurance platform for superior risk complexity is now ready. Our underwriting agency...