Marine is a business with long-standing traditions as well as great risks at stake. Ships and ports are the arteries of the global economy. More than 80% of the global trade is carried by sea, which has a massive impact on the global economy.


Recent developments have triggered the trends towards more sophisticated technical risk analysis and loss prevention measures. With in-depth risk knowledge, Andawrite offers its clients an industry perspective which is translated into effective insurance solutions covering the wide range of marine insurance needs of our customers.

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Our Approach

Our team of risk experts tailors solutions to individual needs offering a risk-based approach coping with the fundamental aspects of Marine insurance: A problem-solving attitude, sufficient capacity to satisfy individual needs and first-class financial security.


Direct Insurance within EEA.

South Europe as target market.

Minimum Premium: €7.500 (our share)


€20m Marine Cargo
€150m Global Marine War Hull and P&I
€10m  Logistic Liability
€100m Charterers Liability

Capacity sourced by preferential capacity partners (Reinsurers and MGAs) where Andawrite acts as business introducer.

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Product Description

Our products covers goods shipped by water or air. We include incidental warehouse storage and transit by rail or truck. We offer high level of flexibility, multi-layered risk coverages complemented with customized covers for specialized risk profiles.


Offshore (supply, service vessels)
Dredging (production, ancillary vessels)
Pipe and cable laying
Heavy lift transport, towage, salvage


Storage outside the course of transit
Exhibitions and Fine Art
Assembly and Mounting
Heavy lift cargo
DIC/DIL coverage
Advanced loss of profits/Delay in start-up

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Marine Hull
Marine Cargo
Marine Euro P&I and Specialty
Marine Charterers Liability

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Why choosing Andawrite?

We operate only with specialized Underwriters capable to influence underwriting upfront.

We partner with reputational European insurers committed to the market we operate in.

We offer access to first-class Reinsurers interested in working strategically with Andawrite.

We facilitate the access to a platform of valuable Risk and Loss Control Management.